Operations Assistant

Following its acquisition by CGA, CPL Online are looking for a new Operations Assistant to start their career by supporting the existing team in the next, exciting phase of business growth. 


Overview of Role

The role of Operations Assistant is to ensure that the company workflow runs smoothly, efficiently and effectively. Although this is not a client facing role the Operations Assistant is responsible for ensuring work is scheduled and completed to meet client’s expectations and deadlines, as instructed by the Client Delivery department.

Objectives of the Role

* To oversee the work schedules for the technical departments, through analysis of job priority and client deadlines.

* To ensure that effective communication within the technical teams is continuous and flows between all departments.

* Distributing company communication relative to workflow, as decided by senior management.

* To be responsible for the management of our internal scheduling system, which includes: ensuring all staff are using the system correctly, producing management data when required, maximising use of the system etc.

* Be a point of contact for technical staff, from an operational and work perspective.

* Working in conjunction and cohesively with the Client Delivery department to gain a full understanding of client jobs and requirements.

* Ensure jobs are completed in a timely manner (to the required standard) and within the specified deadline.

* Provide the senior management team with regular updates on jobs and delivery.

* Assisting in the implementation of company processes & procedures.

* Any other reasonable duties as requested

* Understand and assist with GDPR related queries

General Responsibilities

1. To exercise strict confidentiality and discretion at all times.

2. To consistently provide and maintain the highest standard of customer care, professionalism and service to all employees, management and visitors at all times.

3. To maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and grooming at all times.

4. To familiarise yourself with your departmental Standards of Performance and to be able to demonstrate their application.

5. To have a good knowledge of all company facilities and be able to answer questions in a quick, polite and helpful manner.

6. To handle any complaints or problems promptly and to ensure that all resolved/unresolved incidents are reported to your Head of Department.

7. To adhere at all times to all company and statutory rules, regulations and policies.

8. To act on your responsibilities detailed in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

9. To demonstrate a working knowledge of fire prevention and to follow the evacuation plan on hearing the alarm.

10. To be security conscious with respect to colleagues/property/welfare and to report suspicious circumstances to your Manager.

11. To report any damage to furniture, fittings and equipment to your manager.

12. To maintain your departmental area in a safe, hygienic and presentable state, at all times.

13. To co-operate and communicate with your colleagues, Head of Department and Directors to ensure effective department team work and high morale.

14. To attend any meetings, training sessions or courses that may be beneficial to you and your department on request from your Manager.

15. To follow all procedures set up for energy conservation.